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Citat na drumu (Levinas o nesanici i bezličnoj svijesti)

In insomnia one can and one cannot say that there is an “I” which cannot manage to fall asleep. The impossibility of escaping wakefulness is something “objective,” independent of my initiative. This impersonality absorbs my consciousness; consciousness is depersonalized. I do not stay awake: “it” stays awake. (…) It is a theme I have found in Maurice Blanchot, even though he does not speak of the “there is”, but of the “neutral” or the “outside”. (…) It is not a matter of “states of the soul,”, but of an end of objectivizing consciousness, a psychological inversion. This is probably the real subject of his novels and stories.

Emmanuel Levinas, Ehtics and Infinity

Atrocity Exhibition
19/12/2020 15:42